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Eastwater Systems Limited (ESL) was founded in November 1999, and is based in Somerset near the city of Wells in south-west England. The company currently consists of a single owner/director, who has many years of experience working in the security and wireless communications industries.

ESL can help firms to focus on their core areas of expertise, by reducing the burden of non-core tasks like hardware driver development and integration, automated testing, detailed specification and documentation, etc. We can also provide additional short-term development resource when it's needed.

ESL can help you introduce modern version control into your development process, along with integrated bug-tracking and other collaborative development aids - all at a very low cost and without any recurring licence fees. 

ESL has undertaken a wide variety of projects, working mainly with clients in the mobile communications industry. As well as local UK firms, we have worked with clients in the USA and New Zealand.

As well as software development expertise, ESL can offer reviews and development of existing quality management systems - including internal auditing to ISO9001:2000.

For further information on how Eastwater Systems Limited can help your development effort, please visit our skills page.