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Eastwater Systems Limited was set up by an experienced embedded software engineer with many years experience in the security and wireless communications industries, working with a range of microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs.
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ESL can assist clients in the following areas:

  • electronic product specification and design;
  • embedded real-time software design, implementation, test and maintenance;
  • hardware integration, debugging and testing;
  • up-to-date version control, and software configuration & release management, including integrated bug-tracking;
  • test system design and development, with particular emphasis on automated systems for maintenance and regression testing;
  • documentation, both technical and end-user;
  • quality management systems, including BSI-trained internal auditing;
  • network infrastructure provision and configuration, including local intranets, vpn's, servers etc.

We have broad experience of mobile radio systems development, including MPT1327 and Tetra trunked radio systems, and marine AIS systems.

We can offer BSI-trained internal auditing to ISO9001:2000.

Our preferred languages for embedded software development are C and assembler. For automated software build and test systems, and general scripting tasks, Perl and Python are preferred.

Note: we do not have our own facilities for hardware design and development, although we may be able to subcontract such work where appropriate.

For further information on how Eastwater Systems Limited can help your development effort, please contact us for an initial discussion.